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Lena Dunham Made An Instagram Activity List For ‘Single Cuties’ In Isolation

Get Your Facetime In

“FaceTime your friends who you don’t get to talk to enough when your life is going full force. Ask them questions you don’t know the answers to, like, ‘Who is your favorite Golden Girl’?”

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“Books are great but what about all the long-form articles you’ve always wanted to read but didn’t have the time for? I’m currently enjoying every piece Robert Kolker has ever written!”

Get Organized With Your To-Watch Lists

“Organize your ‘to watch’ list on every app. Start a themed film club with your other isolated friends and discuss them as a group.”

Instagram; pictured above are some of Lena’s tips

Get Your Closet In Order

“Organize your clothing into giveaway piles and plan to take what you don’t need to a shelter the minute we are up and running.”

“It’s good to have a kindly deed in the works!”

Challenge Yourself To Something Artistic And New

“Challenge yourself to paint or draw a series of five pictures in a day- it allows you to be loose and a little sloppy and get out of the perfectionist mindset (my father is my art teacher and he does this a lot to excellent effect).”

Instagram; Lena is pictured above with her dog

Get A Diary

“Try keeping a quarantine diary- your future kids/students will be interested in this very specific and complex time and how you dealt with your anxiety and disruption to daily life. Hell, I’m interested.”

Do Something Fun With Your Dog

“Your dog is bored too. Do a tutorial with them on YouTube and teach them a new trick you can show off when you’re back at the park.”

“Wow, Olive learned to play dead? What a hero!”


“A lot of people hate the word meditate but what about 20 minutes of reflection a day?”

“It’s a great time to focus on where you’ve been and where you’re headed. We are often so deep in the cycle of achievement, stress, and exhaustion that we forget to focus on our actual desires- what if you took a moment to separate your own goals from the ones that are imposed on you?”

“Like that lady at work may be obsessed with being promoted, your mom may want to lose ten pounds and your best friend may want to buy a town house- and they talk about it so much that maybe you’ve forgotten that none of those things matter to you at all.”

“Relax into clarity.”

Instagram; Lena snaps a selfie, above

Take A Really Nice Shower

“Take one of those showers where you attend to every part of your body- literally wash behind your ears. Pro tip: try sitting down in the shower it’s heaven.”

Try All The Products You Have

“Try every product you have and throw away/recycle stuff that’s past its prime/ looks like crap.”

Learn A New Dance, Like This One

“Finally learn the dance from the Miley Cyrus Black Mirror episode.”

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