Mark From Love Is Blind Was Dating LC But She Found Out Online That He Was Seeing Another Woman

On Reddit, a user made a post titled, “My close friend’s co-worker is dating Mark!!”

They shared, “A little more info: my friend is a waitress in downtown Cleveland and her co-worker went on vacation in Atlanta and happened to meet Mark at a bar!”

“They hit it off and have been splitting time between Atlanta and Cleveland seeing each other.”

LC saw the post and commented back.

Instagram; LC smiles in the photo above

“This is awkward because I live in Atlanta and I’ve been dating mark since the beginning of May….”

“Oh and btw, this is LC from Love is Blind. Feel free to DM me on Instagram if you would like more information!”

“But I definitely just broke it off with mark so I really do appreciate you posting this and saving me the energy on dating another liar.”

The person who made the post then replied back to LC, saying, “Holy sh*t. Letting my friend know so she can tell her co-worker!!! Wtf!”

LC confirmed she had even tried to let this girl know about Mark’s two-timing both of them, “I DM’d her as well but she hasn’t responded. Hoping she’s seen it at least!”

But, other people are coming forward and saying Mark cheated while he was on the whole show…

Instagram; above is LC on the set of the show

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