Mom Shares Very Clever Yet Simple Hack For Helping Her Toddler Cut Down On TV

Taking to Reddit, this mom said, “I couldn’t STAND to have my 2.5 yr old son asking to watch TV / Movies not only first thing in the AM but also throughout the day.”

“Tantrums. Begging. I hated it.”

“So, I put up curtains to hide it for out of sight / out of mind except for the late evenings here and there that we watch it, and this weekend he mostly asked to go outside & go to the yard, and even when we DID watch TV, he played with his toys instead of staring at the screen!! YAY!!”

She then added, “…We haven’t been 24/7 TV ever. But I noticed he was begging for it during the day (we mostly only ever watch it in the evenings a little bit) and it was making me crazy that he was getting so addicted.”

Reddit; pictured above is the photo of this mom’s clever hack for cutting down on screen time

Other moms weighed in with what they do to help cut back on TV for their kids.

“My son is 4. He’s only allowed to watch tv when it’s dark outside. It doesn’t work when it’s sunny out.”

“I know this might not work with all kids but I told my daughter (3) that if she has a fit about not being able to watch TV then we are going to have donate it to someone who doesn’t have one. That actually made her stop and wonder why someone might not have a TV. It was a good starting point for having a conversation about being grateful and that you might not get everything you want all the time!”

“That’s fabulous! I occasionally tell my daughter “the TV is charging” as a no tv excuse because she understands charging phones and toys sometimes need charging.”

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