In Case You Missed It: Monster Mom: This Mom Beat Her 4 Year Old To Death On His Birthday & The Details Of What She Did Will Infuriate You

In today’s ‘In Case You Missed It’, we go back to one case that really shook us to the core. This terrible Mom beat her innocent 4-year-old to death on his birthday, of all days, and that’s not all! The story in its entirety will certainly leave you infuriated. Check it out below:

Moms are supposed to love their children.

Moms are supposed to take care of their children and not let any harm come to them.

The Mom in this story is not worthy of the title Mom.

This Mom beat her 4-year-old to death on his birthday, and the details will absolutely infuriate you.

Please prepare yourself before reading further, because the details of this story are absolutely tragic.

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