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NASA Wrote A Pretty Hysterical Rejection Letter To This Comedian That Applied To Be Part Of The 2021 Class Of Astronauts

Alex Falcone is a writer and comedian living in Los Angeles. He applied to be part of the 2021 class of astronauts. Even though he did not get in, he got a pretty funny rejection letter back from NASA.

“You may recall that back in March, NASA accepted applications to their 2021 class of astronauts,” Alex explained.”I’ve been dreaming about this since I was a small child, so I couldn’t wait to apply. Sadly, I received bad news this week that my application was not accepted.”

“I’ve posted the entire rejection letter here in hopes of saving others from the heartbreak of trying to live your dreams.”

“Don’t shoot for the stars because if you miss, you float aimlessly into the cold, dark void until you suffocate.”

Here’s what the letter had to say.

Facebook; Alex is pictured above
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