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NASA Wrote A Pretty Hysterical Rejection Letter To This Comedian That Applied To Be Part Of The 2021 Class Of Astronauts

“Dear Alexander,” the letter begins, “We regret to inform you that your application to our Astronaut candidate program does not meet our stated qualifications.”

“We normally do not write a detailed response to applications of this type, but there were a few matters you raised in your application that we believe need to be addressed.”

“First and most importantly, you do not meet the minimum requirement of “a Master’s degree or higher in a relevant field.” According to your application, you “have seen Masters of the Universe and think that should count.” It does not.”

“To be generous, we looked over your provided transcripts and it seems you haven’t taken a science class since 10th-grade chemistry, in which you received a C+.”

“You even took the time to note that your teacher that year was an idiot, and that doesn’t help your case with us.”

“As a personal note, I’d like to suggest that it’s not healthy for a person of your age to still take the time to settle scores with high school teachers, but that’s beyond the scope of this letter.”

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