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No Assembly Needed: Check Out These Super Cool High-Tech Tiny Homes That Start At $19,000

Tiny homes are pretty cool, and also pretty affordable. Well, a company called Nestron is bringing tiny home affordability to a whole new level.

You can buy one of their tiny homes starting at $19,000!

Nestron started after the founders traveled to Papua New Guinea in 2013. They were there to help build houses for people in need, but they encountered a ton of issues.

Materials they needed to build homes would go missing while being shipped there, documentation required to build ended up being so delayed, and subcontractors that were local ended up being very unprofessional.

They were truly inspired to move forward and find a better way to build homes. Their first prototype tiny home was created in 2015, and Nestron was launched in 2017.

Nestron explains on their website, “Nowadays, the world’s economic inequities and climate changes push people to live in poor conditions or provisory shelters.”

“Our goal is to provide all the people with a comfortable and safe place to live, regardless of climate, economy, and geographical region.”

Even though Nestron is based in Singapore, they ship their high-tech tiny homes worldwide, and there are 4 different options they currently offer. They also offer a 15-year warranty on all their homes.

Let’s take a look at their different affordable tiny home options and why they’re so neat.

Nestron; pictured above is the view from inside one of their tiny homes

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