Over $60k Has Been Raised So Far To Help This 13-Year-Old Boy Who Was Hit By A Train As He Rode His Bike

Davey’s parents told WDJT, “This was an accident. He was with his friends, and it was just bad luck that it was a double train.”

“One (train) went one way and one went the other, and he thought it was clear and it wasn’t.”

A GoFundMe page created to help Davey has currently raised $66,788 to help with his medical bills and expenses.

The page reads, “On Wednesday, June 26, Davey Murray was the victim of a traumatic accident that has put him in the ICU with myriad life-threatening injuries.”

“He is currently in critical condition at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee fighting for his life. There are many words to describe Davey – funny, brave, confident, bold – but if Davey is anything he is a fighter.”

“He has already made progress but he still has a very long way to go. Along with that journey will come many (many) hospital bills.”

“So, while Davey is fighting as hard as he can to recover from his accident – and if you know Davey, you know that he will fight and he will win -, we can help the Murray family fight the mounting cost of Davey’s hospital bills.”

“Please consider making a donation to help the Murray family during this extremely trying and difficult time.”

“Together we can help the Murray family focus more on Davey and his recovery and less on how they are going to manage the cost.  Thank you for your help!”

In an update shared to the GoFundMe page, Paul Morse-Caruso (one of the organizers) said, “A few people have asked if I can post an update on Davey’s condition.”

“Considering that he was hit by a train just 4 days ago, he is in a good place. He suffered many broken and fractured bones, two collapsed lungs, brain swelling, and other internal injuries.”

“He is still in the ICU -and probably will be for some time- but has already made tremendous progress.”

“He is still in very critical condition but is improving every day. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts, prayers, or whatever you do to send good vibes into the world.”

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