15 High Tech Personal Safety Devices Women Need To Know About

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In today’s ‘In Case You Missed It’, we take a look back at one of the more important topics we’ve covered at Chip Chick: Personal Safety Devices for women. We hope you find these products as useful as we have!

In this day and age, you can never keep yourself too safe as a woman, and personal safety devices are really worth looking into. It’s a fact of life that as far as personal safety is concerned, it’s better to be prepared than to be caught unawares.

Here, I’ve rounded up a litany of options that will help you feel safer without compromising on style.

Most of the items listed below are classic “panic button” devices (or apps) that are concealed within a smartwatch or piece of jewelry, but which will contact either the authorities or pre-selected emergency contacts when activated.

Other options include an array of alarms that can be turned on instantly with the dual aims of scaring any would-be attacker off and attracting the attention of passersby to help.

No matter what kind of personal safety device you prefer to carry, there is an option for everyone on this list. These could help save your life.

The main idea behind the SipChip from Undercover Colors is that you can simply dip a tiny little test chip in your drink to immediately detect if a date-rape drug (specifically Rohypnol or GHB) is in it.

Largely geared towards the bar scene, this product could only be an asset to women. It works in 30 seconds or less, and it comes with a little clip so you can keep the test strips on the back of your phone or attach them onto your keys.

You can get it here for $27.99

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