Pregnant 24-Year-Old Says Her Boyfriend Is Making Really Messed Up Comments About The Stillborn Children She Had With Her Ex

This article does discuss stillborns and miscarriages, so please proceed with caution as this could be upsetting for some to read about.

A pregnant 24-year-old says her 24-year-old boyfriend is making some wildly messed up comments about the stillborn children she had with her ex.

She says he’s a really amazing guy…but everything she goes on to talk about will just make your heart break for her.

“For background – he’s a great guy, he’s loving and kind to me, we have issues like everyone else but we do great for the most part,” she started out by explaining.

“I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby, it’s his very first child/pregnancy and he’s doing okay.”

“But before I met him, I had a very long serious relationship, it wasn’t a nice relationship, lots of cheating and domestic violence coming from him, but I thought I loved him more than anything so I hung around.”

“At 20 I fell pregnant to him, it wasn’t planned but I was super excited, I have always wanted to be a mum.”

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