Pregnant 24-Year-Old Says Her Boyfriend Is Making Really Messed Up Comments About The Stillborn Children She Had With Her Ex

“The pregnancy was sh*t, this is when all the cheating started, but I stayed as healthy as could and made it to the full 40 weeks of pregnancy, my son was sadly stillborn during labor, truly the most heartbreaking experience of my life.”

“After that, it almost became my mission to have a child, we had no luck, we’d be trying for ages, then I’d have an early miscarriage.”

“About 18 months later I fell pregnant with another little boy, he was doing well and no issues along the way, suddenly just short of 20 weeks my waters broke and I went into preterm labor, I lost him, I could not believe my luck.”

“I don’t think super highly of myself self but honestly I’m not a bad person, and I feel I’d make such a great mum, I was always super healthy and did not a single wrong thing in the pregnancies, I couldn’t understand.”

“After this, I had huge genetic profiling done, my partner at the time declined it.”

“I was found to have a blood clot disorder that is heavily associated with miscarriage and stillbirth.”

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