She Didn’t Tell Her Ex She Was Pregnant After He Cheated On Her And Had A Baby With His Mistress But It Turns Out He’s Infertile

“They felt like they had to include the mom of their grandchild for everything too and she made her way in every family picture and memory.”

“It didn’t help that I suspected that the coworker had feelings for my ex and flirted with him when she can.”

“People thought that she was my ex’s wife constantly and I finally had enough when during the baby girl’s first birthday party when I was told to take a picture of my ex, his mistress, his daughter, and his parents and it didn’t include me.”

“It hit me that I was now treated as the other woman and I realized that I deserved more than this bullsh*t.”

“I filed for divorce a few months later and left.”

“It was the hardest time of my life but I ended up getting a promotion at work and met this sweet, wonderful guy.”

“Fast forward to now, me and my boyfriend are madly in love and I gave birth to an adorable baby girl that I considered a miracle baby.”

“I got pregnant with my boyfriend like 3 months after dating him and I thought that it was strange that this could happen since my previous failed attempts with ex and had thought that I was the infertile one.”

“It crossed my mind then that maybe he was the infertile one and he only believed mistress was pregnant with his child because they were having an affair.”

“I didn’t say anything though because it was not my place anymore.”

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