She Found A 19-Year-Old Girl’s Blue Thong In Her Boyfriend’s Truck And Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Should Believe Him When He Says He Didn’t Cheat

Buckle up for this one. A 28-year-old woman found a 19-year-old girl’s blue thong in her 29-year-old boyfriend’s truck.

Now, she’s asking the internet if she should believe him when he says he didn’t cheat on her at all with this girl.

“I just need some opinions because I am losing my mind the past 2 days,” she started out by saying.

“My boyfriend (29) and I (28) hang out with a large group of friends that I call my family. Recently my friend’s daughter (19) moved in with him and his wife from out of state.”

“She started off nice, but became a problem when she started flirting constantly with my boyfriend anytime we are out together.”

“He does not flirt back and has told her to back off more than once.”

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