She Found Underwear That Wasn’t Hers But Her Boyfriend Can’t Explain Them So She’s Convinced He’s A Cheater And Now He’s Asking The Internet For Help

Oh, boy. A 29-year-old woman is convinced her 32-year-old boyfriend is cheating on her.

She found underwear that wasn’t hers, a black thong to be exact, but he can’t explain how they got there or who they belong to.

Now, he’s asking the internet to help him handle this one.

“My girlfriend (29-year-old female) found another girl’s panties while we were moving into my (32-year-old male) sister’s old room and now she is accusing me of cheating and planning on leaving with our kids,” he started out by saying.

“I want to presage my explanation of the situation with the acknowledgment that given the facts and evidence in front of my girlfriend, I don’t know at all how she could reach any different conclusion either.”

“My mother passed away at the end of April from cancer and left myself and my siblings considerable assets including a house that is fully paid off(no mortgage).”

“While my mother was in hospice, my sisters, as well as several of my aunts, stayed in one of the upstairs bedrooms on a rotating basis.”

“Since I’m laid off, we decided it would be best to move with our newborn and 7-year-old (hers from a previous relationship) to the new house to live rent-free until my job situation stabilizes.”

“Yesterday we stayed at our apartment packing all of our stuff and she packed all of our clothing into plastic trash bags.”

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