She Just Turned 21 Before She Was Shot And Killed Over Dog Poop

Isabella Thallas celebrated her 21st birthday just a few days ago. She had a beautiful bright pink cake, and lots of balloons.

She was surrounded by her loved ones, but a lot of them never would have imagined that was the last time they would be seeing her alive.

Her mom Ana posted on Facebook to wish her Happy Birthday, saying, “21 years ago God blessed me with you, then came your sister.”

“I believe came along to hold your hand through hard times when I couldn’t be there for you, so you have a friend for life.”

“You have grown to be a beautiful, smart, amazing woman…”

Isabella only got to be 21 for a couple of short days before her life was brutally ended over dog poop.

Facebook; Isabella is pictured above with her birthday cake to celebrate turning 21 

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