She Just Turned 21 Before She Was Shot And Killed Over Dog Poop

Isabella lived in Denver, Colorado with her boyfriend, 26-year-old Darian Simon. The two of them adopted a puppy whose name was Rocco.

On Wednesday, Isabella and Darian took Rocco for a walk in a residential neighborhood close to Coors Field.

Darian later told police that he was encouraging Rocco to go to the bathroom outside. Eventually, their puppy stopped to poop.

Facebook; Isabella and Darian hug at her birthday party in the photo above

As he was doing his business, Isabella and Darian heard a man’s voice coming from the first story of an apartment building.

He was shouting at the couple from the window of his apartment, and he was not far away from where they were.

The man was screaming about whether or not they were going to train their puppy or simply yell at the puppy.

Darian explained that he tried to brush off what the man said to them and just focus on his puppy.

Then, things took a deadly turn.

GoFundMe; Darian is pictured above with Rocco

Darian realized the man stuck something out the window of his apartment, and he thought it was maybe a pellet gun at first.

It turns out, it wasn’t a pellet gun, it was an actual gun. The man then proceeded to fire at Isabella and Darian.

Darian turned to run away, but he was shot in the leg and in the back. His femur was shattered.

Unfortunately, Isabella died not long after being shot, right there on the sidewalk where she was just out for a walk with her puppy.

Instagram; Isabella is pictured above

The man who opened fire on Isabella and Darian is 36-year-old Michael Close. After he shot the couple, he climbed into his black Mercedes and fled the scene of the crime.

Police officers were able to catch up with him and he did not get very far. When they found him on a highway, they saw he had two guns in his car. He was then arrested.

The probable cause affidavit states, “In summary, the suspect got into a verbal altercation with the victims related to the victims telling the dog to poop.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Darian that reads, “On June 10, 2020, Darian and his girlfriend Isabella were taking their dog for a lunchtime walk in downtown Denver when a neighbor unleashed 20+ rounds at both Darian and Isabella.”

“Darian is currently in the hospital with two gunshot wounds 1 to the back and 1 to his leg. He is currently stable.”

“But his femur is completely shattered and he has still not been able to complete his multiple surgeries to repair it.”

“Darian is set to have another surgery on June 12th to see all the damage that has been done. He is currently stable in ICU.”

There is also a GoFundMe page for Isabella that has been started by her mom to help cover her funeral costs and other expenses. “Isabella’s mom, Ana Thallas, has been on furlough and hasn’t been able to work.”

“The family needs our help with funeral and living expenses.  A mother should never have to bury her child and especially for such a violent reason.”

“There is no doubt in our minds that Isabella is watching over us today, tomorrow, and forever.”

GoFundMe; Isabella smiles in a white dress, above

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