She Logged Into Her Best Friend’s Email Account And Declined The Offer From The College She Wanted To Go To Now She’s Telling The Internet She’s Not Wrong

“We all know the benefits of studying abroad and I am sure if I don’t profit from this now I will forever regret it later on.”

“Luckily for me, my parents are financially stable and can afford to send me abroad in order to gain such an invaluable experience.”

“However there is one catch, that is, I must go with a friend of mine as they won’t send me there alone.”

“I thought this wasn’t a problem since I have been planning to go with my friend to country X.”

“This month, things changed. My friend and I applied to 2 universities in different countries. One of them doesn’t have a capita on the number of students it can accept but the other one does.”

“My friend got accepted to both of them but I only did to one.”

“Both of them are good universities and objectively one is not better than the other but their education system does differ.”

“When my friend got accepted to the university in country Y she told me that there is a possibility she will go there instead as she has relatives there that will allow her to stay in their house without her having to pay rent.”

“I was heartbroken by the news. How could she do this to me? She knows how much I want to study abroad and is well aware of the fact that my parents will not let me go alone.”

“I told my parents about this and they assured me that if there is no other person I can go with then I will be studying here instead.”

“I could not let this happen.”

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