She Punched Her Mom In The Face While On Vacation And The Internet Is Insisting She Needs To Get Herself And Her Siblings Out Of There

A 20-year-old woman says she punched her 39-year-old mom in the face while they were on a family vacation together.

Now, the internet is insisting she needs to get herself and her younger siblings out of there.

“I know it sounds bad, just hear me out,” she started out by explaining.

“I (20F) am on vacation with my family (Mom (39), brothers (15 & 6) and sisters (13 & 9). We came with her ex-boyfriend, his kids, and his girlfriend.”

“They’re all friends with each other now after dating 2 years ago.”

“Backstory, after my mom and this guy’s relationship (let’s call him Joe), she became an alcoholic and started emotionally abusing her kids.”

“She gets drunk every night by herself, and ends up pissing the bed or breaking things and the kids have to clean up her mess.”

“I didn’t know the extent of it until I came home from college…”

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