She Released Her Boyfriend’s Ant Farm Into The Wild After She Witnessed Him Torturing Them And The Internet Insists She Needs To Dump This Psycho

“He found red ants outside and put a bunch of them in a tub with one of his ants and watched his ant get attacked and eaten.”

“I drew the line when he put one in the microwave and confronted him, and he told me I was being a baby.”

“I didn’t get to say much else because his friend showed up, but I was fuming at him.”

“When he was sleeping I emptied the ants into a container and released them outside. I went home after that and he still hasn’t called yet, but he’ll be pretty mad.”

“I feel bad because they weren’t my property and I never really had an in-depth convo with him before releasing them, and the ants probably aren’t native which isn’t great either.”

“I’d be extremely pissed if anyone took away or released my pets behind my back before properly talking to me first, but at the same time he was being cruel, so I don’t know.”

The internet insisted this guy is a psycho.

“This was so much worse than I thought. I’m not an ant person. Or a bug person. But nothing deserves that sort of treatment.”

“Thought this would something along the lines of releasing them out of spite, but dude is torturing these poor ants for what it seems like is his own pleasure. Animal cruelty is a sign of being a psychopath, I would be concerned.”

“Came here to tell someone off for ruining someone’s hobby they didn’t like. Left here cheering at the fight against animal torture.”

“This is some serious psychotic behavior.”

“Serial killers normally start with animals.”

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say to her here.

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