She Slept With Another Guy While They Were ‘Taking It Slow’ And Now He’s Asking The Internet If He Should Stay In A Relationship With Her

A 27-year-old man says his 22-year-old girlfriend slept with another guy while they were “taking it slow.”

He just found out, and how he’s asking the internet if he should stay in a relationship with her.

“I have been with this girl I’ll call Jess for close to a year now,” he started out by explaining.

“Since specifics matter here, we started dating around last Thanksgiving, but it was only about a month later when we said were in an official relationship.”

“I really liked this girl from the get-go and we’ve gotten very close since then, and were actually planning on moving in together soon.”

“Here’s a problem, recently Jess and I ran into a guy at a small get-together with mutual friends. They exchanged a weird look like there was something between them but I didn’t think too much of it at the time.”

“During the party, something came up about the place Jess went to for a date (the time was clear since it was a Christmas market in my town), and again I thought something was off about the guy.”

“Well, later that night I actually get a text from him (he got my number from one of the mutual friends), but said “hey I don’t know you but I thought you should know that Jess and I hooked up right after Christmas.”

“I confronted Jess about this and I could tell she tensed up right away.”

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