She Slept With Another Guy While They Were ‘Taking It Slow’ And Now He’s Asking The Internet If He Should Stay In A Relationship With Her

“She got this sad look on her face, but confessed right away.”

“She said she had met this guy on Tinder and hooked up a couple of times but stopped any contact before we became official.”

“She said she wasn’t sure we would get into a relationship at that time but she still felt bad that I found out this way.”

“She said she considered telling me but was afraid it would ruin things between us.”

“I told her I needed some time to think and proceeded to get drunk that night and ignored her texts. The thing is I feel very betrayed and I am really considering ending things.”

“Sure we weren’t “official” when this happened, but we had already been on multiple dates at that time, and I thought it was pretty clear that we were moving towards a full-fledged relationship.”

“On my side, I had no interest in pursuing other girls at that point because I only wanted to be with Jess.”

“And on her end, she was definitely hinting at us evolving into a couple and strongly hinting at exclusivity.”

“The other part that kills me is that during this early stage, Jess specifically said she wanted to take things slow physically until we knew each other better.”

“But during this same time, she hooks up with a guy she barely knew from Tinder?”

“When I asked her this she said it’s different because she took it slow with me specifically because she thought we would get into a relationship, but it was somehow different with a casual hookup. That logic makes ZERO sense to me.”

“I don’t really want to talk about with my friends because I think they would hate Jess if end up staying together.”

“But I would like to hear opinions on here. Would you stay in a relationship like this if things were going well but the beginning was so shady?”

He then shared this update.

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