She Told Her Husband She Was Only Flirting With Another Man But She Was Full Blown Cheating On Him And The Internet Told Him He Needs To Let Go

“To prove she was right, she messaged her coworker (in front of me) asking if he had booked the hotel, he replied “not yet”. She then asked if he was really expecting them to meet, to which he replied negatively.”

“She promised they would never talk again and I agreed, simply because I love her a lot and wanted to trust her, but in my mind, I wasn’t completely sure she had been honest.”

“For a few weeks, I must admit I checked her phones a few too many times, so she changed her password, which I was fine with because I was probably being too paranoid.”

“This week, I picked her phone up because I needed a code that had been sent to her phone number (I didn’t even need to unlock the screen to get it).”

“To my surprise, under the message with the code, there were other messages from the same guy.”

“One of them was an audio, the second one was a shirtless photo of himself in front of a mirror, and the third one said “sweaty” and a few emojis with the tongue.”

“I confronted her since she had promised they wouldn’t talk ever again and she said he just wanted to show her he’s going to the gym to show progress.”

“But that the rest of the times they talk it’s just about work, and that this is just a coincidence. I asked her to show me the rest of their messages but she said she had mistakenly deleted their conversation history.”

“My wife says she’s going to change this time and that I never really forgave her and that’s why she kept talking to the guy.”

“She says this time she’s really going to stop but I have a hard time believing it. Or even if she does stop, I fear when things don’t go so well between us she’ll do it again.”

“I really love her but can’t keep living like this. Is there any situation in which this can work? What would you do?”

The internet insisted there was no way she wasn’t cheating on him, and he needed to leave her. He then provided an update on what he sadly saw.

“This is a tough pill to swallow, and I can’t say I hadn’t been warned…this is a tough pill to swallow, and I can’t say I hadn’t been warned.”

“After reading every single comment of the Reddit post, my brain just couldn’t overcome the catastrophe and the collapse of the world I had built for me in which my wife is my love, my best friend and partner, as well a the person I admire the most.”

“She was entirely perfect and made me happy for many years. I thought no couple in the world could have what we had.”

“We were both very happy for a long time. We were both attractive, we were both inherently good, had big hearts, and were individually wildly successful in our careers.”

“After the Reddit post, I moved to an Airbnb and eventually with family to think things through. It was a terrible time but a psychologist helped me recover from a terrible mental state.”

“It coincided with the pandemic hitting very hard in my city (I caught the virus), which didn’t help.”

“During this time, we kept talking and my wife was very sorry and continued saying they hadn’t met. I knew it wasn’t true but was willing to forgive the woman of my dreams, who continued being in the highest altar of my universe.”

“Fast forward last Saturday morning, I went back to our place, ready to forgive her and talk things through in the most mature way possible.”

“And well, there she was, but I was the one who received the biggest surprise, to say the least. The guy was in my house naked, and so was my wife.”

“The guy from the messages, the guy from the pics. The one she said she didn’t even like. I caught him hiding in my bathroom as my wife was putting her pajamas on.”

“When I saw him hiding in my bathroom, he uttered “sorry dude”. For a second I asked myself, is this where I kill him?”

“But I instantly replied “I got nothing against you” because the guy was just nailing this hot woman. Even if he was doing so in a house full of pictures of me.”

“Pictures of our wedding and our families. Pictures of my dead father who would be so sad to see how the marriage he never witnessed was going to end. He has always been the reason I try to make the world a better place. He passed away two months before our wedding.”

“I’m sorry. I still love her to death. But I understand enough is enough. Even if my world collapses, I hope I can build a new one without lies and in which I’m not just a blind believer under an altar of a fake god.”

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say to him here.

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