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She Used To Be A Bait Dog And Was Close To Death When She Was Rescued, But Now She’s The Latest Disney Princess

Abigail had a completely heartbreaking start to her life.

When she was found by the Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, they knew she had been used as a bait dog for a dogfighting ring in Miami.

She was so close to death when she was rescued back in 2016, nobody really thought she would make it.

On top of that, Abigail was the worst case that the rescue had ever come across.

She had nearly one whole side of her head torn off. She was entirely missing one of her ears. She needed several surgeries and skin grafts.

She also needed to have bandages across her head throughout all of this, and that’s when the woman who fostered Abigail started putting cute headbands on her.

Abigail took a very long time to heal from her horrible injuries.

Facebook; Abigail is pictured above with a headband fit for a princess

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