She Was Sliced Apart With Broken Glass And Tortured Before Being Killed By Her Two Best Friends For Being Too Pretty

In July of last year, Irina and Lina decided to do something about Vika. The got her to meet them at an abandoned building in the city of Archangelsk.

Authorities say that Irina and Lina were able to get Vika to come to the building because they didn’t tell her the real reason they wanted to see her.

Vika was convinced to come to her own murder, having no idea what was really waiting for her when she got there.

East2west News; Vika smiles in the photo above with a friend

Shortly before Vika’s life was brutally taken from her, she sent a text to another one of her close friends begging her to pay for more minutes she could use to call her mom.

Vika had a top-up phone, which means you have to buy minutes in advance in order to send texts or calls to people. When you run out of money, you run out of the ability to do that until you pay more.

So Vika was unable to place a call to her own mom and she told her friend it was some kind of emergency.

It seems like Vika got to the abandoned building, and realized this was nothing like what Irina and Lina told her.

She was probably uncomfortable and wanted to leave, but she never mentioned her life was in danger to her friend that she texted.

It sadly was though.

East2west News; pictured above is the abandoned building and area outside of it

Irina and Lina forcibly held Vika down (it’s not clear which girl played which role) and then found objects in the building to assault Vika with.

They broke a bottle of glass into pieces using Vika’s head, then took the shards of the broken bottle and sliced Vika’s face up.

Irina and Lina tormented and wounded Vika so extensively, she was completely mutilated by what they did.

They then decided to strangle Vika to death after they ruined her face.

East2west News; pictured above is one of the girls that murdered Vika

After they murdered Vika, Irina and Lina went home and pretended to be shocked and disgusted when it was publicized that Vika’s body was found.

At first, Russian authorities thought a man had done this to Vika, but they quickly named Irina and Lina as suspects.

Irina and Lina could both spend up to 15 years each behind bars if they are found guilty of murdering Vika.

East2west News; pictured above is the second girl that killed Vika

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