She Went Missing While On Spring Break, Then Her Body Was Found A Month Later At An Abandoned House, Lying Face-Down Under A Plywood Board In A Muddy Stream

On March 2nd, 2015, AJ vanished. When her mom Jennifer came home that afternoon, she noticed AJ wasn’t there.

So, she texted her, asking her where she was. AJ replied back in a very short way that was not like her at all.

AJ said she was out with her friends. Her mom became suspicious.

Facebook; AJ smiles in the photo above

AJ would always give her mom Jennifer plenty of information on where she was and who she was hanging out with, no matter what.

Jennifer kept texting AJ as the hours went by, and she continued to think AJ was not acting right.

Their text exchange ended around 4 in the morning. Was AJ ok? Was she just in need of some alone time?

When AJ failed to come home the following day, Jennifer knew something was very wrong. She wasn’t able to get a hold of her anymore.

She started reaching out to all of AJ’s friends, but not a single person knew where AJ had gone.

One of the family’s neighbors mentioned they saw AJ on her way out of their neighborhood, and she looked like she was in a rush to get somewhere.

By 9 p.m. that night, AJ was officially reported to the police as missing. It took an entire month to find her though.

Facebook; AJ is pictured above sitting in the woods

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