She’s Having An Affair With Her Married Boss And Now Her Boyfriend Is Asking The Internet If He Should Confront Her Before He Leaves Her

“Let’s just say all her business trips and late nights were all excuses for hooking up with her boss who is also a married man by the way.”

“I don’t know when it all started but from the texts, it seems like every day and all over the office.”

“The lockdown stopped it and the wife found out about the affair as well. So the boss had to put an end to it.”

“This also explained why my girlfriend was incredibly sensitive during March.”

“I often found her bawling her eyes out but the reason she gave me was one of her friend’s mom passed away due to the virus.”

“The last few months have actually been good for us. I was happy spending so much time with her. And it all seemed well.”

“We also had talks about marriage and children and what our future may look like.”

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