She’s Hiring Her Coworker To Take His Clothes Off At Her Bachelorette Party And Now Her Fiancé Is Asking The Internet What To Do

A woman is planning on hiring her coworker to be the one to take his clothes off and provide the entertainment at her bachelorette party.

Now, her fiancé is asking the internet what to do, as he’s understandably upset because she’s already very flirtatious with this coworker in the first place.

“So I should start off by saying that I completely understand that my fiancee’s bachelorette party has nothing to do with me, I shouldn’t have any say in it, and I really shouldn’t know anything about what goes on,” he started out by saying.

“Her bachelorette party is in a week and her sister has been planning it.”

“I heard them mention things before about the party and she’s really excited. But yesterday she and her sister were talking while I was in the front room and I overheard them talking about how her sister is hiring one of my fiancee’s coworkers…”

“I’ve been at a couple of events where he’s been and after she’s had a few drinks she gets really flirtatious with this guy in front of me.”

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