She’s The Other Woman And She’s Asking The Internet If She Should Tell His Girlfriend He’s A Cheater

“Anyway things started to get weird since quarantine. He kept hitting me up more frequently and kept calling me “baby”, replying so fast, and then telling me about how he misses me so much.”

“While this is essentially meaningless, I viewed this as a red flag.”

“From experience, guys who act like this have usually just broken up with an SO or something. I really need to cut this short.”

“Anyway, last night I was on Instagram. Out of curiosity I looked him up and found that he was non-existent on there.”

“My friend and I found out he blocked me on there.”

“This immediately made me think that he has a girlfriend. My friend followed him and he accepted her request and followed back.”

“Lo and behold…he has been in a relationship with a girl who goes to a different school.”

“We examined the timelines…”

She says it looks like she has been sleeping with him pretty much the entire time he has been in a relationship with this girl.

Which is nearly a whole year.

“He still hits me up and I ignore him. The guilt is eating me up. All the same, I feel like it’s not my responsibility to tell her.”

“I didn’t even want to be in this situation. I feel so dumb. I feel worse knowing that he blocked me because he knew that I wouldn’t be down.”

“What should I do? I’m conflicted because it seems as if quite a bit of the people who get cheated on seem to already know and will remain in a relationship regardless.”

“At the same time, I would want to know if my boyfriend has been screwing someone else for like 9 months behind my back.”

The internet insisted she should definitely reach out to this poor girl and tell her about it.

“You should tell her, you didn’t know he was in a relationship and now you do you need to tell her. She deserves to know.”

“My $0.02 based on my own experience: My ex cheated on me, but I never would’ve known the extent of his lies if the other person didn’t reach out to me about it. Turns out he lied about a lot of things to both of us. She originally indicated she still wanted to be with him, but they didn’t last a month after I was out of the picture.”

“You need to tell her. With proof, if you can.”

“I understand how awful you feel, I have been in this situation. She may not believe you, but she needs to know. If you have proof of it, that’ll help. But also, be honest and tell her that you didn’t know. Tell her that he makes it very clear he is single to people. Show her that he doesn’t exist on your Instagram because he blocked you, so she knows that you aren’t making it up that you didn’t know.”

“Like you said, you would want to know if he was your boyfriend. So I think you should do exactly that.”

She then added, “I’m hurt and I’m the other woman…so I can’t imagine how hurt she will be.”

“I’m just sad that I have to be the person that delivers the bad news to her and I feel like such trash even telling my own friends about the situation.”

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say to her here.

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