Someone Tried To Shame This Pregnant Influencer For Working Out And Here’s What She Had To Say About It

“I recently got this comment in regards to me working out while pregnant, “Go swimming. Don’t hurt your baby. Those bends are not good. Enjoy pregnancy and stop being so concerned about your appearance”…”

“And here’s what I have to say to that: Who says working out means you’re only concerned with your appearance?”

“Here’s what I *am* concerned about.”

Instagram; Anna smiles in the photo above

“The aches and pains of pregnancy making life more painful/difficult on a day to day basis, which my workouts have helped with tremendously thus far in preventing.”

“Diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction which can be greatly mitigated via exercising, specifically by working your transverse abdominus and inner core muscles as well as the pelvic floor.”

” …Having the endurance and strength to endure the marathon that birth will be, which working out has shown to greatly reduce labor times (in births that don’t have complications).”

“To strengthen my posterior chain (the muscles all along your backside) which will help counteract my growing belly and help prevent back pain/postural problems both during pregnancy and post-partum.”

“Last but DEF not least, to lay the foundation for an overall strong body to prepare for the fact that I’m going to be carrying a human around for the next few years, minimum.”

“It’s going to take a toll on my body NOT for how it looks, but for how it’s going to feel, and that’s something that my workouts will help with.”

“I could go on but I hope you get the gist… Whoever said working out means you only care about your appearance was greatly mistaken, especially when it comes to working out in pregnancy since the benefits are numerous.”

“I’m also not claiming working out is the answer to all pregnancy woes, there’s SO much more at play than that, but if it helps and you’re physically able, why not try?”

“And let’s say a woman IS concerned about her appearance, who are we to shame her for that, pregnant or not?”

“You can still work out, reap all the benefits, be proud of the physical manifestation of all that hard work, but still love and appreciate your perfectly imperfect body. Mmmk??”

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