In Case You Missed It: What If Disney Characters Starred In The Walking Dead?

Welcome to the 3rd edition of ‘In Case You Missed It’. Today we take a look back at one of our favorite mashups of all time: Walking Dead and Disney! A combination that sounds so strange that it might just work, and given all the positive feedback from our readers over the years, we’d say it was a great success. Enjoy!

With the season six finale of The Walking Dead coming up this Sunday, we figured we’d ask the question that you never thought you wanted to be answered (until now).

If we replaced the whole cast with Disney characters, how long would they all last before being cruelly ripped away from us by unfeeling show-runners (who may be the real villains of the show when it’s all said and done)?

We’re taking inspiration from Kasami-Sensei of DeviantArt, whose The Walking Disney series of fan art is pretty much right up our alley.

Who did we get for season six survivors? Like the actual show, there will only be a handful of them.

Aladdin and Jasmine

©2014-2017 Kasami-Sensei

Sigh. Being in a relationship is almost always a death warrant for at least one of the two in The Walking Dead.

We love Abu, but Aladdin and Jasmine would have been a lot better served with Genie.

I think the show writers, eager to turn “A Whole New World” on its head, jump the gun and take out Aladdin in season two, with Abu sticking around as a comforting reminder of better times as Jasmine comes to terms with survivor’s guilt.

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  1. So, a bow’s reload time is too slow to be an effective weapon, but a crossbow’s just fine?

  2. LOL, that comment about Merida is just so off. A crossbow’s load time is EVEN SLOWER. And by the way, Merida isn’t a modern archer…thus she would have the skills of ancient time archers, which is some crazy skill. Seriously… Look up speed-shooting with a bow, and then look up wartime archers and what they could do with those things. A bow is superior to even a gun in the hands of a truly skilled archer who can fire in extremely quick succession, and even fire multiple arrows accurately to hit 2 or 3 targets at one time. They can fire at an arch, hitting targets accurately over walls or within crowds, and much much more.

  3. Actually, since it’s actually the FEMALES who are in charge, they can and do sometimes get pregnant by other males and nothing is done about it. But all in all, it shouldn’t be “creepy” as long as they’re lions, because even as half-siblings, it’s pretty much how it would happen in real life. The UNrealistic aspects of their relationship is that it’s monogamous.

  4. In the recent Lion Guard episode, it was established that Nala’s father was another lion who mated with Sarafina. Nala and Simba are not related in any way.

  5. Not to mention a bow is a little more practical because it is relatively easy to make more ammo, and it is a quiet weapon that wont attract a whole lot of walkers.

  6. Right. The ammo is reusable, and if you do eventually run out, you can make more. And a really good bowman would be able to compensate for any poorly made arrows with adjustments in their technique.

  7. Well, that was an amusing read…
    in random commentary to the random thing I stumbled across…

    My only issue is the bit about Merida.
    That kid was bad to the bone with a bow. And she knows how to fish, hunt, track, trap, and oh! Don’t let me forget to mention she fought a giant near-immortal bear. And lived.
    Further more? We know she can reload that bow wicked fast. And with power. I wouldn’t nock her use of the bow, at all. So…
    C’m on. That kid makes it through season six, easy.

  8. Okay but with Kristoff, in the text it said he was holding Annas head but wouldn’t that head be Hans?

  9. Other than the people who keep putting this crap out WHO IS ASKING FOR IT?

    NO ONE
    Society would lose absolutely nothing if people like this ceased to exist


    “Err, what if Fred and Barney grew up in the 16th century”

    Yea, everybody NEEDS TO KNOW THIS GARBAGE..

  10. WTF is with Bell’s top? Who in their right mind would choose an 80’s front to back wedgie leotard to fight zombies in!?

  11. So….. if Sven is the group dog, what does that make Stitch? And Merida could make for a good sniper, 10k In Z nation used a cross bow and he survived just fine….sort of.

  12. I really need this to become a fanfiction now, I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of Malificent’s chainsaw, I love Aurora’s polite little pinky finger on the end of her bat holy hell.

  13. I get all the Merida love, the author is way off on her not being able to survive with a bow. I also dispute Peter Pan. He’s a skilled fighter in close combat and his weapon of choice is a short sword, couldn’t be better for walkers. His inability to age and strengthen over time would be his undoing, but definitely a survivor of season 1.

  14. Arrows are actually NOT easy to make. Yes, the arrow-heads and feathers are easy enough, but the shafts are the hard part. Why? Sticks simply do not grow that strong or straight in nature… so you need to take a much larger piece of wood and carve it down to size… and unless it is *perfectly* straight, it’s useless. If you want shafts that are not wood (like modern fiberglass or plastic) you need special tools and manufacturing for that… which are hard to come by in the post-apocalypse.

  15. No…no they’re not anywhere near as hard as you’re implying. You think people in ancient times and aboriginals had special manufacturing tools that someone today couldn’t make?? They don’t pluck sticks off trees, they use saplings, which DO grow plenty straight enough for an arrow. Try actually doing some research into how aboriginals made arrows before you start acting like they’re some crazy high tech ammunition.

  16. Yeah, I know; I mean the above to be read sarcastically/incredulously, since when they’re talking about Merida they claim that a bow’s reload time is too slow to make it useful, but they’re fine with Daryl toting a crossbow around. Alas that I have yet to find a way to make sarcasm come through on the Internet 🙂

  17. They are, if you consider that we’re talking about peoples who originated there… Kind of like I’m Irish (caucasian?) American or someone else is Asian American. You don’t lose your ethnicity just because you are a citizen of another place.

  18. There’s no way I would run around with so much exposed flesh… especially the squishy bite-able parts.And disregarding bites, having so much skin exposed to scratches and the like is one way to allow deadly infections happen.

  19. According to actual science, we are all from there. Which is probably nonsense but makes you wrong nonetheless.

  20. I’ve used both, and though I’ve practiced much more with a bow (I own a recurve, while I’ve only used a crossbow that belongs to a friend), I’m inclined to agree with you. Way easier to use under pressure (especially for a mere hobbyist like me) and packs a much heavier wallop. However, the sticking point for me was the article’s comment on reload time. I get that a crossbow is in many ways a more effective weapon, just for very different reasons. And given Merida’s evident skill with a bow I think she’d be able to put it to fine use in a zombie apocalypse situation.

  21. Ok, Abu should be missing an eye and Hades should be toting a Louisville Slugger wrapped in barbed wire. That would make perfect sense to me.

  22. Lion King was (most likely) set in Kenya, which has a majority black (specifically Bantu) population, with a very small Arabic, Indian and European minority. Would be kind of weird if the two Kenyan characters weren’t black.