This 22-Year-Old Asked A Guy She Went On A Date With To Fork Over His ID So She Could Confirm His Age And Now She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong Of Her To Do

“During the date, he also said he worked somewhere else then he had told me via text making the whole interaction seem “off”.”

“At the end of the date I asked him to drive me home and when we were in front of my apartment I brought up the inconsistencies between what he texted me vs what he said and asked to see his ID.”

“He started crying and apologizing and showed me his ID.”

“He was 18. I felt really bad for making him cry especially because I didn’t plan on going on a second date.”

“I told my friend about it and she said I should have let it go and there was no need to embarrass the guy.”

The internet insisted she should have asked for his ID in this case.

“I don’t think what he did was THAT bad or malicious, considering he’s not a minor and went out of his way to avoid getting drinks altogether (assuming the legal drinking age is over 18 where you live), but it’s definitely good that you taught him a lesson regarding honesty online.”

“If he had gone along with it and you bought drinks for the two of you, you’re the one who gets in trouble for providing a minor with alcohol.”

“As a guy who’s about 40 and does a lot of online dating, I wish all women believed that lying about their age was manipulative and gross.”

“So many people lie about their age on tinder as well. I had a kid once swipe right. Profile said 18. He tells me later in our conversation on tinder that he’s 16.”

And then people started sharing their similar stories.

“Had this happen to me, except there were no signs and he WAS underage. We didn’t do anything beyond holding hands on the date but I feel sickened. Didn’t find out until this year now that I’m in my mid 20’s he just turned 18. I was swiping on bumble. Seriously gross. I thought he was only 2 years younger than me and gave off no signs. Even looked older except kind of a young face. Like, 6’5 with broad shoulders and stubble from not shaving. But he said only turned 18 couple months prior and I barely turned 20 so I figured that’s way. I thanked my lucky stars we didn’t do anything. Yuck.”

“A childhood friend of mine almost ended up going to jail because someone lied about their age on a dating app. She said she was 19, it turns out she was 17. The only reason it got dropped was because there was proof that she said she was 19, and they hadn’t slept together. He was 20, so that was probably why he didn’t get the book thrown at him. But after that, I don’t trust anybody. You need to show me your ID before we do anything.”

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say here.

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