This Mom Completely Trashed Her Teen Daughter’s Room And The Internet Thinks She’s Psychotic

This mom decided she wanted to teach her teen daughter some kind of lesson…so she completely trashed her room.

Now, she doesn’t understand why the internet thinks she’s psychotic.

She admits she has always been a “neat freak” for as long as her three children have been alive. She also constantly checks the bedrooms of all of her children to make sure it’s clean and up to her standards.

“The kids (16, 13, 9, and 6) are all responsible for putting away their laundry, and my oldest two are responsible for folding their own clothes,” she said.

“Which bothers me because my 13-year-old folds his clothes in a way that bothers me, he rolls them up instead of properly folding them.”

“Ever since the kids have been home and have more free time, I am more strict about the way they put away their clothes.”

“I expect their clothes to be folded in a certain way and organized in a certain way in their drawers.”

Ok, this is where things get crazy…

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