This Mom Went Viral For Explaining How She Handled A Situation Where Two Girls Told Her Daughter She Couldn’t Play With Them Because She Wasn’t Blonde

A mom went viral for a post she made back in 2019 that is still so relevant today. Dr. Mathangi Subramanian is a mom, writer, and senior policy analyst for the New York City Council.

She took to Twitter to share a heartbreaking thing that happened to her own daughter that left many moms online sharing similar situations that happened to their kids.

Two little girls on a playground tried to exclude her own daughter for not being blonde.

“Still processing this, but two days ago, two blonde girls at the playground told my daughter she couldn’t play with them because she doesn’t have blonde hair,” Dr. Mathangi explained in her first tweet in a series.

“The girls’ parents did not intervene. You better believe I did.”

Twitter; pictured above is one of Dr. Mathangi’s tweets

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