Twitter Is Losing It Over This ‘Botched’ Art Restoration But Not Even Our Favorite Doctors Over At E! Could Fix This Face

There is a private art collector living in Valencia, Spain, that owns a painting by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.

It is an original painting that was created in 1678, and it’s titled, “The Immaculate Conception of Los Venerables.”

The painting depicts the Virgin Mary and is the artist’s interpretation of the Assumption and the Immaculate Conception; from the bible.

This art collector paid $1,400 to have the painting cleaned and restored.

It seemed to be going alright until the furniture restorer hired to do the job got to the Virgin Mary’s face…

Twitter; pictured above is the original painting, on the left, and the two different attempts to fix the face, on the right

The furniture restorer tried two different times to fix the Virgin Mary’s completely botched face, but each time this person left it even worse for wear.

I know they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one’s worth just three letters: WTF.

People on Twitter are going nuts making memes of this, conservation experts want laws now in place for restoring precious works of art, and others are left saying this is pretty similar to something that happened 8 years ago.

Enter “Monkey Christ.” 

Twitter; pictured above is a meme someone made of the incident

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