How 18 Disney Princesses Would Look in Real Life



What we really appreciate is not so much the realistic looks as the realistic conclusion that most of us here can’t afford the kind of dresses most of these princesses end up wearing at the end of their movies.

Like most of the collection, the attire here is of a more inexpensive sort…

From the part of the movie where Belle is still struggling with the day-to-day.

Looks no worse for it, though.



I guess this one is more realistic because real-life Merida probably wouldn’t be allowed to run around with a bow and arrows at that age.

Then again, she probably also wouldn’t have accidentally turned her mother into a bear and went on an adventure, so maybe it’s a wash.

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  1. Jane, Alice, Tinkerbelle, Esmerelda, Megora are not princesses. Also,
    Chloe Grace Moretz is NOT playing the little mermaid in a live action
    rendition of the DISNEY version… she is playing the little mermaid in
    a UNIVERSAL STUDIOS version based on the HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSON fairy

  2. Some of these are anatomically distorted… and none of them look “real”… maybe comic book real… but that defeats the purpose.

  3. They got Tinkerbell totally wrong. Unless you figure she’s not really a fae, which I often do. THIS is a faerie.

  4. Jane was almost in the original Princess lineup, back when they imagined it. Tinkerbell also was IN the lineup, until they made the Fairies products. Esmeralda, Alice, and Megara are at least Princess Friends (a sub category in the Princess musical VHS’s). However, Alice is also a Princess of Heart.

  5. Death to any and all bullshxt royalty. Could not resist trolling on this stupid axx article. Now feed me readers….

  6. Except in actual real life, Pocahantas was more like 11 years old at the time of the whole John Smith thing. Of course Disney was basing the movie more on historical legend than actual history that already aged her up to 20-something.

  7. Tiana isn’t a freakin princess, she’s the token black girl
    that Disney created to retell the original tale of the Frog prince where
    everyone was white.

    Esmeralda wasn’t a Princess either. Nor was Megara not a princess… Why do they
    always classify any female lead in Disney movies as “princess” that is stupid.

  8. Just curious

    WHO THE FRACK is asking for these things, and who in the hell is making a living by doing things NO ONE GAF ABOUT?





    WHO GAF????????????

  9. Damn–Alice and Rapunzel are HOT.
    I would commit statuatory rape and pound them mercilessly.

  10. I don’t think Mulan looks at all like her animated counterpart. (except for being Asian)

  11. In islam you’re not a “True Princess”, if you don’t share your pousse with many many muslim men.

  12. The two I think is a no Brainer Would be Tia Carrere as Pocahontas and Amanda Seyfried as Rapunzel

  13. I’d imagine that would be a harem girl. The muslim princesses, like the Saudi family for example, are usually too busy being multi-billionaires in their massive palaces and taking vacations all over the world to be doing anyone but themselves any favors.

  14. The biggest problem I see here is that Disney rewrote history…

    “Realistic Pocahantas” would be 11 years old.

  15. I agree about Esmerelda, who was only a gypsy except for all of the rest. If Megora were married to Hercules, she would have been a princess because Hercules was a demi god, son of the king of the gods or was that son of Hera, queen of the gods? Jane was married to Tarzan, “king of the jungle”. Tink could be princess or queen of the fairies? At the end of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Alice defeated the Queen of Hearts therefore, she was about to reign as the new Queen of Hearts but the old Queen won’t allow it.

  16. Disney throws the term ‘Princess’ around very loosely, I really don’t think it matters if they aren’t ‘technically’ princesses. I mean, they INSISTED that every girl is a princess, so you would think their most iconic female lead rolls would be considered princesses in their own merits.

  17. Because they literally had a slogan for years that read, “All girls are princesses.” so of course their most iconic female lead characters would be princesses. They use the term ‘princess’ for endearing purposes, much like a father would call his daughter ‘princess’ to make her feel special.

  18. Oh, I don’t know, maybe the digital artist that created this for practice and fun? You know, digital artists that make a living out of being creative, and inspiring? Maybe the article is just appreciating the hard work that goes into rendering art, because assholes like you take advantage of it. I’m looking at your profile picture right now — if you don’t appreciate digital art, get rid of that icon.

  19. how is this supposed to be what they look like in “real life”? they still look like illustrations, and not at all like real people!!!

  20. I really don’t think some of these look accurate to what they would look like in real life. I Thought the rapunzel was off along with a lot of the other ones like ariel.

  21. You spent quite a bit of time investing in something you don’t GAF about. You seem pretty lame.

  22. ??? Um, these don’t look like “real life” renderings to me. They look like the Disney princesses as drawn by the same guy who did those Marvel Masterpieces trading cards.

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  24. Typifies everything that is wrong with the internet. Dumbing down the planet with mis-information, or just plain lies.

    Fortunately I figured out that your game straight away.

    Jane? A princess?

    Didn’t even bother reading the rest.

  25. Breh. You’re taking it too literally. We all know Disney princess= lady heroine of the film. If some excellent digital art is “everything wrong with the internet”, then I’m jealous of your innocence.

  26. Dude did you not finish that whole movie *spoiler alert* she kisses PRINCE Naveen in the end and he marries her…. He was definitely a prince soooo Tiana is totally a princess, duh!

  27. Tiana is a PC crap character. Disney is so busy pushing special private get for every special needs group they created Tiana

  28. Seriously?? Like, wtf is wrong with you?! Why do people like you always have to be so rude? Do you not have anything better to do in your life, besides trolling on the internet? Get a life.

  29. What do you mean, in real life? These are still animated drawings, they’re simply more carefully rendered. They don’t look real at all.