18-Year-Old Who Recently Graduated From High School Tragically Passes Away After A Skydiving Accident

Jeanna Triplicata was an 18-year-old who had just graduated high school in Georgia. She was about to start at the University of North Georgia come August. She wanted to be an English teacher.

To celebrate her graduation, she decided to go skydiving for the very first time.

So, Jeanna and her grandma went together on July 12th, while the rest of their family stood by to watch their jumps from below.

Skydiving is surprisingly not that risky of an activity, and the United States Parachute Association says, “In 2019, USPA recorded 15 fatal skydiving accidents in the U.S. out of roughly 3.3 million jumps! That’s one fatality per 220,301 jumps!”

“Tandem skydiving has an even better safety record, with one student fatality per 500,000 tandem jumps over the past decade.”

“According to the National Safety Council, a person is much more likely to be killed getting struck by lightning or stung by a bee.”

Unfortunately for Jeanna, her exciting plan still took a deadly turn.

GoFundMe; Jeanna smiles in the photo above

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