A Baby Threw Up All Over Her Aunt’s Gucci Top And Now She’s Demanding To Be Paid Thousands Of Dollars To Replace It

A woman is asking the internet if she’s in the wrong after her baby barfed all over her sister-in-law, ruining her Gucci shirt that nobody wants to pay thousands of dollars for.

“This has five characters; me, my husband, husband’s sister (SIL), her husband, and my 3-month-old daughter, Dany (fake name obv),” she started out by explaining.

“My SIL and her husband visited us on Saturday. This visit was primarily for them seeing Dany as they couldn’t come earlier due to lockdown restrictions.”

“My SIL has been trying to have a baby for a while now, so she got very emotional upon seeing Dany and would not let anyone else touch her.”

“Which was fine but then I noticed that she was holding Dany way too tightly.”

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