Gisele Bündchen Is Celebrating Her 40th Birthday By Planting 40,000 Trees In The Amazon Rainforest

Gisele Bündchen, everyone’s favorite supermodel, is celebrating her 40th birthday in a pretty, well, big way!

In just 2 days on July 20th, she hits the big 4-0 (I mean, she doesn’t look it at all).

Gisele is planning on planting 40,000 trees in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest to celebrate being on this earth for 4 decades.

Gisele is no stranger to sustainability. It’s something she’s been practicing for quite a while, and it’s something she’s imparting to her children, too.

Speaking to Marie Claire, she said, “As a family, we also each have our reusable water bottles, and the kids understand single-use plastic is really hurting our planet.”

“I see them talking with their friends about it and showing them their water bottles in hopes they might join them and use them too.”

Here’s what she had to say about her plans for her birthday, along with some adorable photos of her family.

Instagram; Gisele is pictured above smiling and planting a tree

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