Her Dog Saved Her Life And Attacked Her Stalker After He Broke Into Her House In The Middle Of The Night But Now Her Sister-In-Law Says Her Dog Is Too Vicious To Be Around Kids

A 28-year-old woman’s dog literally saved her life and attached her stalker after he broke into her house in the middle of the night.

Now, her 32-year-old Sister-In-Law says her dog is too vicious to be around kids, like her 4-year-old niece.

“This is kind of a complicated story but I’ll just get into it. I used to be in this controlling, kind of abusive relationship,” she started out by explaining.

“When I finally broke it off a year ago, my ex started showing up places, trying to get me to take him back.”

“Eventually, it developed into full-on stalking.”

“He would show up at my work (and took to just waiting outside of it after he was banned), leave notes on my car when I was at the grocery store, leave all kinds of flowers outside my house and then stick angry notes on my door after he saw me throw them in the trash, wrote me all kinds of weird, obsessive emails and letters.”

“I’ve had to change my phone number three times. The behavior escalated over time, and got scarier/more threatening.”

“In one instance, he started a small fire in my driveway but the police couldn’t get enough evidence connecting him to it.”

“It was after that instance that I put cameras in my yard (I previously only had them pointing at my doors).”

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