Her Husband Spent The Money They Saved Up For Her Tummy Tuck And Now She’s Asking The Internet For Help

“First pregnancy hits, and it hits hard and true to our promise, we start saving. After my first child was born we found out my abdominal muscles had separated and needed to be repaired surgically.”

“This is essentially a tummy tuck. Since giving birth to my first I have experienced horrible back pain and back spasms due to the separation, but we wait and had 2 more babies.”

“My youngest is now almost 1 year old so I brought up the surgery to my husband. He asked me if I was sure I wanted the surgery.”

“Lol yes, I am VERY SURE. He asks me why I want it, which I found insane since I have been talking about it for 8 years straight.”

“I told him 1. I look pregnant all the time due to the separation and I hate it. It makes me feel awful and sad and 2. The pain was getting unbearable (even with therapy).”

“Well he tells me I’m being very vain and that he doesn’t think I should have it, he completely ignored the pain part.”

“I start to get confused and ask to see the account where it’s being saved (to clarify, we are both on this account but it was never linked to my online banking. I saw the balance last month at 15k).”

“He became silent and left the house. I was very very confused so I called up the bank.”

“They told me the account had under 1k left.”

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