His Wife Racked Up Over 1,000 Matches On Tinder Without Him Knowing So He Asked The Internet For Help

A wife racked up over 1,000 matches on Tinder without him knowing she had the dating app at all. He ended up asking the internet for help with how to deal with this one.

“I [25M] have had a solid relationship with my wife [25F] since the beginning,” he started out by saying.

“We met in middle school and started dating as sophomores. Even back in 8th grade, we knew we would end up together; we just couldn’t date at the time due to her parents’ wishes, which was fine (in retrospect, I, nor any other 8th grader, is ready for any sort of committed relationship).”

“We always knew.”

He went on to explain that they went to the same college, dated throughout the entire time, and everything was pretty much picture-perfect.

After they both graduated, they stayed together. “I get a solidly paying job right out of college, as a writer for a local newspaper,” he said.

“I also took on editing duties and being in a pretty big city, I was paid well and was (is) actually a minor celebrity in the area- I also go on TV to report from time to time, and am featured as a guest on some local programs.”

“My then-GF and I get an apartment in the city, she also has a decent job as a manager at a local restaurant.”

“Things were going smoothly. I’m not being arrogant; this is an important detail for the next bit.”

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