Internet Users Are Really Worried About Britney Spears And This Viral Post Might Make You Concerned About Her Too

A woman named Sara Jo Harvey took to Facebook to point out some truly shocking things about Britney’s life in a now-viral post.

“PSA on Britney Spears and the #FreeBritney movement for anyone that needs or wants more information on what is going on with her. It’s a f****** rabbit hole, so buckle up,” Sara started off saying.

“A little backstory first. Britney was a child star starting at the age of 4 years old on Broadway, and then worked her way to the Mickey Mouse Club, and eventually the solo career we know today. Her career has been on autopilot her entire life.”

“If you look back at her music, she’s been telling everyone for years she’s too controlled and treated as a product if you listen to the lyrics of most of her hits.”

“Examples include: Lucky, Overprotected, My Prerogative, Circus, Piece of Me, and Gimme More. Her music videos, social media posts, tour props, and photoshoots regularly show her in a cage or in chains.”

“If anyone has ever seen videos of her when she was younger, you’d know her REAL singing voice is very similar to Christina Aguilera’s.”

“Her record label didn’t like it, as they were both on the Mickey Mouse Club and about to release their debut albums at the same time.”

“So they had her voice retrained to sing in the baby voice we all know today because they believed it to be more iconic and would create a brand and career for her instead of her real voice.”

“It’s unhealthy, and it’s been destroying her voice over the years, thus why she is known for lip-syncing.”

“She wanted to make an acoustic type pop album in 2006 titled Original Doll and reinvent herself using her real voice. The album was shelved and canceled once her label realized she would be singing in her real voice.”

“She isn’t allowed to sing live because she will either fail terribly, or she’ll have to sing in her deep voice that she isn’t known for. Her entire career she has been treated like a product meant to sell.”

“Now, for the real tea.”

Instagram; pictured above is another photo internet users have been concerned about

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