Orphaned Kitten Couldn’t Use His Back Legs, So Staff At The Arizona Humane Society Got Creative To Get Him Walking Again

“Zion, an orphaned 5-day-old kitten, was born unable to walk,” the Arizona Humane Society explained in a Facebook post.

“In addition to needing round-the-clock care in AHS’ Bottle Baby Kitten ICU to survive without his mother, he was badly knuckling on his back feet and unable to use his legs normally.”

“While receiving care from the dedicated staff and volunteers of this 24-hour intensive care unit, Zion especially tugged at the staff’s heartstrings who were determined to try to help him walk again.”

“Thanks to innovative thinking from the veterinary technician team, they fashioned together tiny splints out of a tongue depressor, gauze, medical wrap bandages and tape in hopes of giving him a chance to live a normal life.”

Facebook; pictured above Zion gets his little splints made for him

“After a little more than a week with his special splints, continued care and lots of love, Zion began using his back legs normally and was able to rejoin the rest of his littermates in an AHS Foster Hero home!”

“Zion, now 8-weeks old, is showing what a second chance at life truly means as he continues healing in his foster home and awaits his nearing adoption day.”

“He plays with his kitten and human siblings and will even fall asleep in his foster sister’s arms while helping her improve her reading skills.”

Facebook; pictured above is Zion now and he’s a little more grown-up

“Zion is just one of more than 1,300 orphaned kittens who have already been rescued and treated in AHS’ Bottle Baby ICU and Kitten Nursery this year, thanks to the support of the community.”

“As a private non-profit, AHS solely relies on donations to rescue, heal, and adopt nearly 18,000 of the Valley’s sick, injured, and abused pets each year.”

“Thanks to a generous donation by an anonymous AHS supporter, all donations up to $25,000 are now being matched and will help twice as many Valley pets like Zion! For more information or to have your donation doubled, visit azhumane.org/summer2020.”

You can follow the Arizona Humane Society here on Facebook.

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