She Ended Things With Her Ex When She Found Out He Was A Married Cheater And Now His Therapist Won’t Stop Texting Her

“I ended things when I found this out.”

“He constantly complained to me that he’s clinically depressed and that he made a horrible mistake not being honest, etc.”

“I stupidly (I know this was stupid) told him if he wanted to be with me he’d have to figure out his situation beforehand.”

“He tells me he told his wife they were done and was going through the process and already filed for divorce, moved out etc.”

“So I met up with him again, and followed him after we left. He went back to his normal house, where his wife’s car was still parked outside.”

“I’m 100% sure at this point that his wife has no idea he is talking to other women or even that he wants a divorce.”

“I’m furious at this point and tell him I know he’s lying, and that I’m feeling guilty too at this point and plan to tell his wife if he does not because it’s not fair to her to have this guy going around trying to get other women…”

“This was about 3 months ago.”

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