She Just Found Out Her Boyfriend Is A Diagnosed Psychopath But He Never Told Her And Now She’s Asking The Internet What To Do

“It was chilling, but I didn’t think my boyfriend was like that AT ALL. I knew he didn’t really care about most people, but he is extremely charming (how he seduced me, I guess).”

“However, now that I know of my boyfriend’s diagnosis, I’ve been going through our entire 4-year relationship and reconsidering it.”

“In our 4 years of dating, he doesn’t really say “I love you” out of the blue, he will only say it if I say it first.”

“I never really noticed this but now that I know about his diagnosis, well… that changes things.”

“The way he says I love you is, frankly, devoid of emotions as well. He says it matter-of-factly, not like he actually means it.”

“There’s a lot of other things he does that I guess wouldn’t be considered normal?”

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