She Survived Brain Surgery But Just A Few Weeks Later Was Murdered By Her Abusive Boyfriend After She Texted Him About Being Scared

Caitlin O’Brien was a 31-year-old woman living in Melbourne, Australia.

Her caring personality lent itself perfectly to her job as a nurse, where she passionately cared for all her patients.

She was always upbeat and happy, even after she learned that she needed to have brain surgery to remove a tumor.

She looked for the good in everyone, including her 32-year-old boyfriend Shea Sturt, who had a history of abusing her over the course of several years.

“Throughout most of the relationship, until the final few years, he appears to have used various coercive behaviors, including violence, threats of violence, and threats of suicide,” Dr. Andrew Carroll, a forensic psychologist, would later explain in court.

Caitlin had dated Shea for about a decade. She shared an apartment with him. She had tried to leave him, but she always ended up coming back.

Facebook; Cailtin smiles in the photo above

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