She Was A Professional High-Stakes Poker Player And Her “Badly Burned” Body Was Just Found Close To A State Park

Susie Zhao was a 33-year-old woman who grew up in Waterford Township, Michigan. It’s about a 46-minute drive from Detroit and has quite a few state parks, lakes, and recreation areas.

Susie was a professional high-stakes poker player. She had moved to Los Angeles a few years ago to pursue that, and also frequently hopped on a plane to head to Vegas to play.

She was actually good at her unique profession, and the Hendon Mob says she earned $224,671 throughout the various games she played in.

“I prance like a unicorn in a sea of horses. I proficiently play high stakes poker for a living. It’s kinda weird because I’m a girl,” she said about herself on Twitter.

Facebook; pictured above Susie plays poker (she’s in the orange hoodie and hat)

People who played alongside Susie had nothing but wonderful things to say about her, pointing out how bubbly and upbeat she was.

“She was one of the bubbliest and most vivacious opponents I’ve ever had,” Clayton Fletcher tweeted. “She was a very strong player who also liked to have fun at the table.”

“She was always upbeat and talkative at the table, def made the hours fly by,” Chris Back shared.

Susie was someone who made friends, not enemies.

So how did such a well-liked young woman meet such a tragic end?

Facebook; Susie is pictured above

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