She Was Found Shot In The Head With A Sonogram Of Her Unborn Twins Sitting Next To Her

Darionne Burley was a 26-year-old woman living in Fort Worth, Texas. She was pregnant, and just a few short months away from giving birth to not one, but two babies.

On Facebook, she posted frequently about how elated she was to be a mom to her two twin boys and shared that she feared she never would be able to have children of her own.

“I get to see the twins and find out the gender today…I’m so excited to see them,” she said on May 19th in a post.

Darionne was due to give birth to her boys this October and she was dating 28-year-old Maurice Smith.

Darionne and Maurice had been together on and off since back in high school, and their relationship seemed to be somewhat rocky.

In an instant, Maurice not only took Darionne’s life from her…he took away the lives of her boys before they could even be born.

Facebook; Darionne is pictured above

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