She Was Found Stuffed Inside Of A Barrel Without Any Of Her Clothes On And Her Fingers And Tattoos Had Been Cut Off

Cecily S. Cornett was just 21-years-old when she met a strange and tragic end.

She lived in Somerville, Ohio, and in high school, she was a star athlete. She played softball and was also a varsity cheerleader.

When she graduated, she went on to get her STNA license and worked as a nurse’s aide.

She truly loved getting to work with her elderly patients and her family says she was a “beautiful soul that is going to be so missed by so many.”

She was very outdoorsy and spent her free time camping or at bonfires along with her friends, fishing, hunting, and geocaching.

Just a few days ago, Cecily was found dead, stuffed inside of a barrel without any of her clothes on…

…And her fingers and tattoos had been cut off.

Facebook; Cecily is pictured above

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