Teen Was On The Phone While Being Attacked And Her Mom Heard Her Being Killed On The Other End Of The Line

In February of 2017, Baleigh’s older brother (called K.C. in the affidavit of probable cause) and his friend decided to move into the family home.

K.C.’s friend 23-year-old Shaun Patrick French quickly started showing an unhealthy interest in Baleigh, who was only 14 at the time.

“While there, K.C. noticed that the defendant was attracted to K.C.’s little sister, B.B.,” the affidavit of probable cause outlines.

“About a month later, the defendant said he and B.B. were having sexual relations.”

K.C. had apparently walked in on Shaun and Baleigh, and while authorities have stated that the relationship between them was consensual…it was also not legal by any means.

The age of consent in the state of Utah is 16, and Baleigh was just 14. Shaun absolutely took advantage of this girl and lived under the same roof as her until July of 2017.

Shaun was ultimately asked to leave the home by Baleigh’s mom.

Facebook; Baleigh is pictured above in the car

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